Abraham Joshua Heschel was a Jewish rabbi who felt strongly about the message of the various Old Testament Prophets:

"The crack of doom is in the air, but the people, unperturbed, are carried away by a race to be merry."
One of his most famous works, The Prophets, gives a short commentary on several minor prophets and two major prophets.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction (by Susannah Heschel)
  2. What Manner of Man is the Prophet?
  3. Amos
  4. Hosea
  5. Isaiah (Isa 1-39)
  6. Micah
  7. Jeremiah
  8. Habakkuk
  9. Second Isaiah
  10. History
  11. Chastisement
  12. Justice

Heschel's insight into these books of the Bible, which are so often misunderstood, help the student, believer, and historian more fully understand the context in which each prophet spoke, and what Heschel understood as the main message of each prophet. I would especially recommend comparing his commentaries of each prophet with commentaries by Luther, John Calvin, and also ancient commentaries.