Lights go up, to spotlight on Outpost Mir, and his beautiful assistant, Yossarian

Outpost Mir : "Hi and welcome to a new episode of "When Running Jokes Go Bad", brought to you by Fox and perlmonks", Yossarian?"

Yossarian : "Thanks Outpost, tonight we'll be looking at runaway memes, a look into the seedy underbelly of e2, a cooking segment, deborah909's god spot and an interview with EDB."

Outpost Mir : "Thanks Yossarian, and may I say you're looking as lovely as ever."

Yossarian preens

Outpost Mir : "And for our first report we turn to Uberfetus who is outside a nightclub onto the Lower East Side of E2"

Cut to Uberfetus standing outside a sign, flashing "Live Nude Lesbians".

Cut back to studio where Yossarian is standing next to jessicapierce, comparing hot asses.

Yossarian : Now, the benefits of soy include crushing enemies, jessica?"

jessicapierce : Thanks yossarian ...

Nodeshell rescue team smashes through window, freeing edb to eat balls and thankfully drawing an end to this nodeshell rescue

Picture fades. Off air