Some people don't see beyond their country's borders. I've noticed the British do it, because we're an island nation, and we hate the French, Americans do it because they're so big and Canadians don't do it, because they dislike being thought of as an American state.

I see nodes on driving that assume you drive on the right hand side of the road, nodes on law that assume American law is all that counts, nodes on copyright that are not applicable outside the US and Canada, and yet the author does not make clear where the information will apply.

Even numbers can be different, a US billion is different to a UK billion.

E2 should be global, the information you provide may be more useful if you inform us where it applies. Otherwise people may get the age of consent mixed up, and who knows where that will lead ...

It's not a matter of being centric to your own country, it's a matter of making your bias clear.