15 minutes early she arrives, all wet and bedraggled, soaked through to the skin, but grinning from ear to ear. Ickle skirt, big boots.

So she borrows a towel (shocking! a married woman in my hotel room, all wet). The conversation turns to her underwear (I have no idea how), a bra that has "I am stupid" on it. She wiggles her ass for me, and flashes the wedding ring of doom.

This is all quite bizarre, and horror of horrors - she watches me node this. What sort of perverted country is this?

But she's sweet and giggly and dimpled and grinny and has a larger personality than her ickkle frame should contain. But she thinks her ass is big enough to hold it. She talks a lot about her kids, there's a nice big mom influence at work. She's ditzy.

She argued when I paid for lunch, taxis, coffee.

All in all, as cute as she says she is. Now if only she was single!