This morning's emails make me happy. I finally have the go ahead to order 4 more racks full of Compaq servers, my 2MB pipe is ordered and should be in by the end of October and I have the go ahead to revamp the business servers, so I get to spend a lot of time with our HR yummie, trying to find out her business requirements.

Life is good and I have chocolate ...

Until a mail arrives saying "Can we send out 10000 emails at once?". Alaram bells go off. I reply with "Where did you get 10000 email addresses from?" "Well we're going to buy them" "Are you sure these people want email?" "Well the list person says they do" "Uh-huh. Do you want me to come hit you now, or after the spam complaints come in?" "You won't let me do it?" "No" "I'll tell my boss you're obstructive" "I'll tell your boss you're an idiot. I will win".

I won.