young developers suck

I used to be a developer, I was a code monkey with the rest of them, but I turned to the dark side of R&D, so I get to knock up silly stuff on new technologies and hand them to the code monkeys to develop. Plus I tend all the new and funky hardware.

But the monkey standard is going down hill. Last week I had someone who came to ask me for help tracking down an error, who hadn't even checked the error log, and once I made him do that, he didn't know how to lookup the Windows Error Codes.

I have 4 iPaqs on a desk, running version 3-5 browsers, one machine dedicated to each browser version, and a spare machine for IE5.5, Mozilla and Netscape 6. Do they check their development for browser compatibility? No. It's not difficult people, get off your lazy backsides and walk to another desk.

But what started this rant was some idiot coming to me with a DLT and asking if I could restore the contents. Problem is he backed up using ArcServe. We use Backup Exec. He didn't see the problem. He thought because the tape was a DLT any software would read it. Then he demanded I install Arcserve to restore his tape. Except our DLT drives are our live backup server, with scheduled backups (we use DAT for the developer boxes). So he expected me to stop the backups, install his crappy pirated backup software, restore his stuff, then reconfigure the DLT array.

I can't wait till his 3 month review. I get to input on the developers, as I'm outside their department. Looking at his code right now, I'm going to kick his ass.

Still, off to Rome this evening on a business trip. I wonder if you can buy Pope snowglobes.