Pause, stop, sing

Today my presentation skills course started. It's strange, it's with a friend's husband, an acting teacher. It was like being in fourth form again, with my teacher placing her hand in the small of my back, forcing my stance upwards. I am more aware of how I stand. Catching the tube back to work, I watched people's stance, slouching, preening, pull upwards, hiding, chest forward. Normally I cramp up, draw myself lower. Perhaps it's a throw back from being the skinny kid at school, avoiding the bullys' gazes. It could be because I'm 5"11', and my mother is only 5"0'. Who knows. It's fun to walk tall for a change, to be aware of my breathing, to feel the ache in my back as my spine straightens. We're swapping tips at work now, a few of us have gone through it. It's all been personalised, which, I suppose, is the only way to do this.

I feel a little more prepared for my SF presentation. Wintersweet and Factgirl have already said they'd like to meet, and Dem Bones is considering it. Wonder if he'll bring the jar of node gel he keeps under the bed.