Well I'm all registered as a speaker, my name badge is even a different colour to "mere" attendees. One problem though, they haven't printed my white paper. So now they're rushing around trying to run off 200 copies of a 17 page PDF file. Such organisation.

There's a welcome dinner tonight. I may go. In my usual hormonal self I was pleasently shocked. I watched the attendees check in line, and there are geek girls, lots of cute SQL geek girls. Damn!

Total attendees are running at around 1,500, which means filling 200 people for my talk will not be a problem. This is the largest group I will have preached to. I may even end up using a microphone, which I always try to avoid.

Meeting New Riders for lunch tomorrow. I was supposed to meet factgirl today, but mini-factgirl decided to stream snot from her nose and turn into a grouch, so that was called off. Still off to Wintersweet's Saturday and I'll meet a few noders there.

I love American drug stores. Migraine started at around 1:00pm, all the perscription drugs in the UK are available over the counter. Worrying, but great. The doses are smaller, but you just end up taking multiple tablets to make up perscription strength.

I'm excited about speaking. Worship me cute SQL geek girls. (Yea like that's going to happen)