Woke up this morning, at a sensible hour. I guess the jet lag has gone.

Logged on, grabbed e-mail, instant messages start. Exactly how am I supposed to fix a network problem when I am out of the country? Especially as it's a wiring problem? I know I'm good, but not that good.

Start to read email, and lo, out of the blue is an email from New Riders asking if they could buy me lunch and talk about books. Woah! I have no idea what to make of this at all. But, hey, it's a free lunch. Email also contained one KAK.Worm infected email. Lovely.

Phone goes after lunch, and it's factgirl, so I have someone to visit tomorrow, instead of fliting in and out of the tutorial sessions. Factgirl junior spills Cherrios on floor. factgirl puts mommy voice on. Hehehe.

Microsoft friends turn up at hotel. Much consumption of coffee. Much in jokes. Much geekiness. Happiness reigns.

*sigh* More nodes stolen from web sites getting cooled. Thats annoying. Not even a credit. I am systematically down voting each of these stolen nodes. I've tried /msging the user to no avail.