13:00 San Francisco time

Jetlag has advantages. I was awake at 5:30, down for breakfast at 6:00, and hanging off the side of a tram at 8:30 on my way to Fisherman's Wharf. The trams on that line are fun, wooden and clunky, reminds me of Vienna.

So by 9:00 I'm sitting at the little beach on Fisherman's Wharf, eyes closed, listening to the waves folding in on each other. Couple that sound with the lack of a mobile phone and I haven't been this relaxed all year.

I keep being mistaken as being part of a couple when I eat with my colleague whose also over for the conference. It amuses me :) This is a fun city, I'd quite happily live here instead of London. Anyone want to marry me and give me a green card? I cook well and I don't snore, and getting a job in a .com shouldn't be a problem. Applications to "Get the hell out of London, SE23, England".

Still no sign of that high level noder even crediting his web site ripoff. Hopefully the editors are on his case. It just annoys me to see the stolen nodes get cooled.