jet lag

My body says it's 18:00, the clock says it's 10:00. However, it's bright and sunny in San Francisco and I had a passable Eggs Benedict for breakfast.

It seems the Marriott has four conventions on right now, and the attendees attitude is very different to European conferences. They wear their name badges everything, it's like a tribe running through the hotel, then spilling over out into the streets. Off they walk around the area, with their badges still on, waving and shouting at each other over the traffic. In Europe we wear our badges whilst we attend, as soon as we leave the conference area, the badges come off and we blend back into anonymity.

I'm undecided on what to do today, I think the Museum of Modern Art calls me. My colleague, Trevor, wants to go shop.

Whats really stange, and amusing is the fact that people assume Trevor and I are together. It took 5 minutes to explain to the breakfast waiter that his assumption that breakfast was on 1 room bill was wrong. He then got quite embarassed. Personally, I was amused, it's funny to see reverse assumptions, I wonder what will happen when we start to hit bars and flirt with women ...

Dinner time is almost painful, American portion sizes are huge, I have heartburn, but I can buy Zantac over the counter. Handy!