I need to pack my suitcase, throw some games on my laptop and find my passport. I'm off to San Francisco in 4 hours.

If you're in SF, and fancy a drink next week, mail me at blowdart@hotmail.com. Unless you're you're a mad axe murderer.

So for the next week, you're going to have tourist day logs. Won't that be exciting?

17:00, some silly American West Coast time zone

San Francisco Airport sucks. You collect your baggage before passing through immigration, which is all of about 25 metres away from the baggage collection area. This leads to massive log jams, and 1.5 hours of queuing, with Italians trying to push past. 2 old, fat Italian women pushed right to the front, and as I was leaving the airport, customs had their bags wide open, with everything out. Now thats justice!

Also swang an upgrade to First Class. That was fun, Virgin allow you to eat whenever you want, give massages and have a bar. And I could stretch out my 5"11' frame, and not touch the seat in front. Thats a nice way to fly.

Of course, now I just want to sleep, my body says it's midnight. We'll see.

Today's annoyance. Blatent copyright theft by a level 10 noder. And no responses to gentle prods that he should get the nodes nuked that I sent last night. More annoying, they are getting high reps, and cools. *spit*