or how to get beaten up by fellow students

  • Take some cling film / saren wrap. Lift the toilet seat in the communal toilets. Wrap cling film firmly over the bowl, try to remove all the creases. Place toilet seat back down. If possible, remove a few light bulbs so it's darker than normal. Wait.
  • Take a new box of cling film and a ruler. Unwrap around 6 feet of cling flim, and wrap the ruler in one end. Slide the ruler, and attached cling film, under the door of a room. Push in as far as it will go, then pull the free end of the cling film upwards. Pour water, lots of water, slowly down the cling film, to flood the carpet.
  • Drop mustard or cress seeds on a carpet, then wetten carpet.
  • The water left after cooking and draining rice makes a great, crusty semen like stain if poured onto a bed.
  • If you can get into another room, remove the hinges from the inside of the door.
  • Unscrew door handles and remove the door bolt from inside. Take care - if a fire starts this is dangerous, as people cannot get out
  • Food colouring in the shower heads.
  • If you have communal kitchens on each floor, swap the fridges around.
  • Chilli powder on toilet paper.
And if you get expelled, serves you right :)