Oh my God!

This morning's hangover came with uppercase neon letters. Blinking and fretting in my brain to heighten my senses and make the experience even worse.

I'm in Paris for the week-end. Yesterday we were driving down from Amsterdam to meet up with a friend who lives here. The idea for tonight is to go for dinner with a couple of friends. I look forward to it in a masochistic kind of way, knowing that things will be alright on the night.

Yesterday night was a blast. We arrived around ten o'clock in the evening at the hotel (located in the 6th arrondissement). After checking in we met up with my friend for a "quick drink and to catch up". We all know that tonight (or tomorrow if we consider this was yesterday)will be a big night, so let's take it easy. Right...

We went to Montmartre on foot, or "au pied" as they say here, and sat down to order a beer. My friend unfortunately decided to order Leffe Blond, rather than normal lager type beer. Unfortunate in the sense that it is delicious but dangerous with it's 6.6% alcohol percentage. And unfortunate in the sense that it has a distinctly moore-ish taste, so you seldom stop at one.

As you can tell from my state today we didn't either. When we were asked to leave (beacuse they were closing, what did you think?) after around seven glasses of the amber nectar each, we walked into the next open bar and continued drinking and talking. This time Guinness. A piece of advice with regards to the black Irish soup. Don't start drinking it late at night when you're drunk. It makes the rest of your night hazy. God knows how I got home...

This morning I woke up with the sun almost shining in my face, the taste of cat droppings in my mouth and a strong urge to go to the toilet. It wasn't that I was feeling sick. More of an attempt of avoiding bio-chemical warfare in the room. After silently cursing myself for not having had at least two glasses of water before I went to bed I took a shower, which sometimes does the trick. Today it was only partly successful. I felt better but not good.

Now I've just had lunch in a restaurant near "Hotel d'Invalides". It was good, but I can't remember the name. My hangover is almost gone. It's amazing what some orange juice, coffee and a walk in St. Germain in the sunshine can do to restore your life spirits. Paris is fantastically beautiful.