I'm just back from a week's holiday skiing in the southern French Alps. Yes, it was very nice, thanks for asking. Sun almost every day, and the snow melting so fast that I doubt you can ski there for much more than a few more days.

However, this was not what I was going to write about at all (it's odd how the actual act of writing sometimes gets you off track, but that is what the day log is for, isn't it?). What I was going to write about is how an initial disappointment can be turned into discovering a new fellow everythingian. I logged on to E2, and found a message from Klaproth stating that my Chet Baker writeup had been superseeded by a more comprehensive one. Although I know that my writeup wasn't the best I still like it because it had a slight humourous twist to it. But now it rests in node heaven.

To get to the point I went there to find this absolutely brilliant writeup by panamaus, and suddenly all my resentment just washed off me like water off a duck's back. I feel renewed and full of energy. Thanks Klaproth (and panamaus)!