I first met Laura in 1989. She was the supporting actress in Sex, Lies, and Videotape, and it was love at first sight. She was looking at me with her brown eyes, and her wry smile, husky voice and almost tangible aura of pure sex turned my head completely. She made Andie MacDowell pale into insignificance. Unfortunately for me she was on the silver screen and I was in the cinema salon. But that's life.

Although the Steven Soderbergh flick, and the Golden Globe nomination, made her a well known name in the film world she was already a proficient actress having starred in several theatre productions, including the 1987 off-Broadway production of Beirut and done guest appearances in Spenser: For Hire, Miami Vice, Crime Story and The Equalizer. Her next supporting role as Julia Roberts' friend in Pretty Woman was the first step into the mainstream Hollywood movies. She continued to be the supporting actress in a lot of movies until 1995 when she finally got the leading role in the independent movie Nina Takes a Lover.

So how did she get there? Well first of all she was born in West Orange, NJ on November 14, 1962 and very soon moved to Denville, NJ, where she later ended up attending Morris Knolls High School. This is where she discovered acting and decided that she wanted to be an actress. This decision took her to Pittsburgh, PA and Carnegie-Mellon University where she got a fine arts degree with an emphasis in acting.

I don't know if finally making the leading role as Nina made Laura look for another achievement, but in 1996 she became a mother to Mason with some previous help from her husband at the time, Cameron Dye. To be able to continue her acting while still taking care of her son she decided to work in TV, and quickly landed the lead role, Maya Gallo, in the sitcom Just Shoot Me. If she already knew at that time that her son had cerebral palsy is not clear, but it soon got her involved in disability issues. She has even got a Media Access Award in 2000 for a public service announcement called "The More You Know" which talks about inclusive schooling where the disabled child can teach its classmates understanding, patience and compassion.

In 1998 Laura divorced Cameron Dye. Unfortunately for me she has later remarried Matt Adler, whom she is still married to. And maybe that is just as well. In spite of the fact that she embodies intelligence, compassion, beauty and sexuality, celebmatch shows that with our biorhythms we have limited compatibility with only 33% physical, 99% emotional and 41% intellectual giving a total of 58%. I'm much better off with Polly Jean Harvey (100%).


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