The night was unusually hot for the time of year. Actually it was hot for any time of year. You know the kind of heat that surrounds you like a warm, wet blanket, forcing people out in the streets because it's too warm to sleep and to lonely to sit at home. Or in my case I was just to horny to sit at home in front of the TV.

I dropped a six-pack into my duffel bag, hung it over my shoulder and headed out through the door, not even trying to avoid my landlady. Fortunately she was not around, which saved me the usual threat of eviction if I didn't pay my rent first thing tomorrow.

Outside the door I turned left and left again and went into the little park where normally only dog owners and youth gangs go, but for very different reasons. Tonight was different, though. It seemed like a lot of people had the same idea as me. A vain hope that a few trees would magically provide a cooling breeze.

I sat down on a bench a little distance from a group of young people having a barbecue. Or at least they looked like young people in the dark and the mystical glow of burning coal. Or maybe it was the way they laughed. I couldn't care less. Instead I grabbed a beer from my bag, opened it and drank the first sip. God, how nice that first sip tastes. Almost so you want to throw the can away and open a new one just to get that first sip taste again. But only almost.

I didn't notice her until she was standing on the path looking at me. I have no idea where she came from. Maybe from the barbecue group, maybe not.

-"It's very hot today," she said.
-"Yes," I replied, "unusually so."
-"But it makes the park nicer," she continued, "a bit more life."
I nodded and took another sip from my can.
-"Do you mind if I sit down?" she asked.
-"Not as long as you don't expect some sparkling conversation," I said.
She smiled at me and sat down.
-"A 'no' would have been sufficient if you didn't want to talk to much," she said still smiling.
I shrugged my shoulders and sipped thoughtfully at my beer.
-"My only problem," she continued, "is that the heat makes me frisky."
I looked at her and tried to keep a straight face, but I'm sure she could see that she'd taken me by surprise.
-"Would you fuck me for 50 bucks?" she asked.
My jaw dropped a bit and I said:
-"I would if I had the money."
-"How about a blow job for that can of beer then?"
-"It's only half full."
-"I'll have to make sure that I don't get too thirsty then."
She smiled again, and I could tell that her smile was beginning to get to me. I looked at her slightly thin lips, wide mouth and perfect teeth and though about her offer.
-"OK, it's a deal," I said.

She took the beer can out of my hand and put it on the ground. Then she got down on her knees, undid my fly and got my limp dick out in the fresh air. She rubbed it gently with her left hand until it got hard and then put it in her mouth. I don't think it was the first time. Not the way she used her lips, teeth and tongue. It was the best oral sex I had ever had. I tried to control myself but I came so fast I even surprised myself.
-"Jesus!" was all I could say.
She spat the semen out by my feet and got up and sat beside me again.
-"That was so short I'm glad it was only half a beer," she said and smiled at me wryly.
I smiled back and dug another beer out of my bag. She laughed.
-"Does that mean you want me to go down on my knees again?"
-"No, I just had to do something."
-"So what should we do?"
-"Let's go back to my place. It's just around the corner and I have more booze there."
-"OK," she said.

We stood up and started walking in silence, without touching each other. As we walked out of the park she said:
-"By the way, my name is Sarah McDonald."
-"Henry," I said. "Henry Chinaski."

Copyright © 2002, Blondino
It seems as if this humble attempt at copying Charles Bukowski's style is not in everybody's taste. Well anybody's but mine so far. If you don't like it, could you please come with some constructive criticism. That's the only way it can get better. Thanks!