This morning I had problems waking up. I mean real problems. Part of it is because I enjoyed watching Sweden beat Czech Republic in the group play in the olympic ice-hockey. My enjoyment had nothing to do with the Chechs losing, but rather that my native country Sweden needs some kind of success in this winter Olympic Games. The successes of our small neighbouring country Norway doesn't make it feel any better. I mean, we should be able to get something right, shouldn't we?

Anyway, this was not what I started out with. As a start to get myself into a higher state of consciousness I switched on the TV and CNBC Europe. Normally I see a bunch of familiar faces talking about the financial markets, but this morning I saw another familiar face. George W. Bush's. He was giving a press conference in conjunction with his Japan visit. I tried to listen, but his slow southern drawl is not exatly something that wakes you up. However, once the press conference was over the intensity increased significantly. The American President had been talking about "a devaluation" of the Japanese currency. What was this? Had the two leaders agreed on reducing the value of the Yen? It turned out they were making a chicken from a feather. Dubya had said devaluation, but meant deflation. The world could start breathing again. Anyway, it made me feel intelligent in my half-awake state.

The day has since continued in a non-productive manner, with my business partner's laptop deciding to die just before the crucial backup. Lots of rewriting of documents, since we're in a critical stage right now. Good thing it's easier to write something the second time around... I look forward to what the evening might bring... I think.