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My story is long and involved and really probably not very unusual.

my mother was a fat bag lady and my father wasted his oportunities to spend time with my brother and I right away.

I was neccessarily raised up in homolulu hawaii and attended a school there where we were given little green ties

with the letters sps on them.

Saint patrick school.

On the occassion that my grandmother came to the island she took us to her favorite spot which was a gay boy bar called hula's.

I was victimized by local neighborhood samoans and developed a deep hatred for all things polynesian. I also became quite a pervert and sneak thief. fortunately my family soon left that city of sin and moved back to america.

its a good thing, as girls of the same species as I were rare,and the polynesian men were fond of any homosexuality.

I watched a lot of chinese opera while I was there and occasionaly a japanese drama and developed a great love of asian theatrics and cat burglary.