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if you have aney thing to say about my spelling then go to hell. shut up I dont whant to hear it. un less you would like to hlep proof read. becus I am 99% incapbel of corecting my self. so if you would like to tell me that I cant spell then *uck off I dont wahtn to hear forme you!!! I know I cant spleel and I hate my slef for it.. dont remind me!!!! THNAK YOU!!!

to day I am full of spunk. towmaroe I will be filled with puding. and then that puding will frezze. and that will suck. I will lose originality on thrsday. cuz I am felling pretey good to day. its like the world is my oster and shell fish scare the fuck out of me.

eat at joes.. get the 64 oz'er its not 64 ounces of meat but a 64 year old stake... humm letherey like my shoe like my black shoe. like my sole.

I am so pertantios give me a kiss. dont get confused its not "publicly masterbating" its "performance art" like the moma and the dildo branding it sead markey the disod on it. its like WOW I am so insperd. Like wath the fuck I smell burining. HELWWOOO mistre miss artest. vagian ants are creepy! wahts crawling up my leg?

Its a colage education. zippy. now you have value in life!!! nothing birter hear just good old streme of concesnes. on a manic tuesday. and to piss you off. it gose to evrey one in my email list. .. HAHA... not to piss off. but to reach out. "and touch someone" like ATT or SPRINT. dame.... advertising branding a gogo runs a muck. "JUST DO IT" I get my shose frome indonish. now I run faster with a brand name. its good old american stell asmbeld in canida.

oohhuch are eye when not ment to see in green! who the fuck invented florecent lights? C.R.T. disaster "you forgot a primary colour!" I dont have a Cathode Ray Tube. ohh spell ceacks going to hate me for this... now kind of aganst my ber jujbment.... humm sald. wahnt TOFU. hummmmmmmmmm. Spongey!!! .... .... .... .... .... ahh waht the hell... evrey one knows I am crazzey. I just wish some of the other crazzey pepol would relize its ok. fackt or vedgend the (omited for crazzey goverment aprovel) is after you. now I know who jonenjasques fells.!!!!! happy nodel boy!!! strem of contiones I am tyoping you get in emai lreall sone. cut and past cut and past.

the iner workings of my mind. ... the preset plan and patern has no patern. hummm I do belive in fate but I do belive in free will. ahhhh FUCK A CONTRADITION NOOOOO NOW THE WORLD WILL SEAC TO EXSIST (shrink)