I wrote a poem just now in honor of my pending graduation. You won't like it, and it's not finished, but it's better than most of the crap on this page.


"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. " - Hebrews xi.1

Class of the damned, here I stand
Your valedictorian, graduating without honor.
You won't be hearing my commencement speech
I'm not worthy of the privilege.

Besides, you've had your fill of instruction
Canted from the mouths of teachers
With both their eyes gouged out by their own hands,
Worshipping the disembodied idols of their own ignorance.

But the noise of their praise sickens me now.
It is the noise with which they drown out their own fear.
It is the noise with which they quiet their doubts.
It is the noise with which they cloud their isolation.

Their charisma has no power on me anymore;
Not when I have screamed into the void for the sake of my own soul
And heard only the empty echo as my heart was devoured.
Sold out for him? Hell! I sold more than myself for their false hope.
Their doublespeaking rhetoric was my reality.

It is love on their lips, but fear in their hearts.
It is peace in their minds, but hate in their words.
It is hope in their gospel, but dread in their bowels.

You've heard them yourselves. You know how it is.
Even now you weep. I would have wept with you,
But now I have no sympathy.
Your sobs only sour the bitterness rising in my throat.
I know now that your testimony is only words,
And your compassion vanishes in my presence.
I know now that these are not cries of sorrow
But cries of power.

I was never good enough.
Maybe that's why I wasn't content to sit with my eyes shut
As her imprecations rose to heaven.
No, you weren't interested in how I felt.
Only in how I fit your faith.

There's no room in your world for the lost.
You damn me to wander the place of no return.
I won't offend you with my sinful thoughts.
Instead, I must content myself to sit
Through the devout drone, as if it were my own.