I bought this album in Kunming, China for a the equivilant of one U.S. dollar. Thankfully I did not have to spend more on it.

The are some scathing reviews of this album out there, better put than my musically uncritical mind ever could, and I was initially inclined to agree with them. Yes, their hyped returning drummer Jimmy Chamberlain sounds exactly like a drum machine. Yes, Flood "deep-fried" their sound into slimy mush. Yes, it goes on... and on... (See http://www.pitchforkmedia.com/record-reviews/s/smashing-pumpkins/machina.shtml for a particularly broiling review.)

Actually, I found that this album makes pretty decent background music. It's not distracting. It's, um, consistent. It actually sounds pretty good in that respect. But it's nothing like Siamese Dream. Just have fun staring at the liner artwork and don't bother yourself with the lyrics. And take what fans say with a grain of salt.

This album is Smashing Pumpkins's last studio album. They intend to break up. Maybe it's time.