Nobody has truly explained this game yet.

The cave has the topology of a dodecahedron. There are twenty rooms (corners of the dodecahedron) and three tunnels from each room (edges of the dodecahedron).

There are three hazards; you are warned when there is a hazard in one of the three next rooms. The hazards are bats (I hear bats!), bottomless pits (I feel a draft!), and the wumpus (I smell a wumpus!). Wandering into bats results in getting dropped into a random (possibly dangerous) room. Entering a room with a bottomless pit results in death. Bumping a wumpus results in probable death in the jaws of the wumpus. The wumpus ordinarily sleeps, but may be waked by shooting an arrow or walking into his room.

Moves consist of shooting one of your crooked arrows (you may specify its path), or moving into an adjacent room. The goal is of course to shoot the wumpus.

One of the oldest multiplayer games on the web, and still very fun, is an implementation of Hunt the Wumpus; you may hunt other players (I see a light.) as well as the wumpus. It is at