Ethiopian distance runner and one of the best ever. He was born in Assela, Ethiopia on April 18, 1973. Vital statistics: 5'3" (160 cm), 117 pounds (53 kg). Like many Ethiopians, he is a practicing member of the ancient Coptic Christian church. He was born into a large farming family, and also worked as a policeman. He has held various world records, presently including the 10K (1998, 26:22.75), 5K (1998, 12:39.36), and two-miler (8:07.46).

He also plays himself in a movie about himself called Endurance. The movie is rather unremarkable (to the point of unwatchability for those uninterested in running or Haile), but a must-see for hardcore running fans with lots of race and running footage.

(By the way, his name is pronouced "highly gibber-sell-lassy")