Last night, I had a long, vivid, and confusing dream. I forgot most of it. All I know is near the end, I came across a large, dirty-looking mushroom and pulled off a bite-sized piece. I tasted it in my mouth, relishing the delicate shroomy, fungus taste. Suddenly afraid that I might have poisoned myself, I spat out what little I had not swallowed, and tried to cough or vomit up the remainder. Unable to stand any longer in a world growing increasingly psychedelic, I wearily lay down and closed my eyes. With sudden desperation, I struggled to pull myself off the ground with a desperate heave. I felt myself rolling over and falling...and as I did so, I came into the brink of consciousness....too late. As I hit the tiled floor of my bedroom buttocks first, I was jerked completely back into reality, albeit a bruised reality.