Last night I had a string of three dreams.

The first I vaguely remember as having to do with being on E2 and noding Candide in French and being downvoted a lot, not surprising as that is what happened shortly before my dream.

The second I spent swimming around in a polluted harbor. This is probably because I was planning a 17-mile run to the harbor with my good friend Ryan, but it got called off after I injured my peroneal tendon in my foot.

The third I remember more vividly. I was lying on my back, securely bound to a railroad track. Actually, I was in the midst of many tracks, and I could look at the track and see that it stretched out as far as the eye can see. This is obviously a pretty freaky start to a dream.

It got worse.

The Pit and the Pendulum-esque, actually.

Suddenly, I saw huge, purplish-brownish worms rapidly slithering along the rails towards me. I wriggled. I struggled. But my fetters were secure. Thet worms were upon me. They were as big around as eels, and slimy, and infinitely long. They wound around my legs, my arms, and slimed into my face at my mouth, nose, and eyes. They wrapped around my neck. I fought them. I tried to pull them off of the rails, but they were stuck tight. I tried to pull free. I did not cry out, but a silent convulsion of revulsion swept through my body...

Mercifully, at length I woke up, in fear of hell.