This dream started with me doing what I like best: running. Specifically, running easy down a long hill on a little road, in some little town of upstate New York.

What a nice dream, right? Not for long...

I run past a house. In the driveway, a car is idling. Not parked, idling. Nobody is in the car. As I run past, it pops into gear and starts to roll onto the road. In a heroic act to save some stranger's property, I grab it by the bumper, but can't hold it very well, as it is still running. It and I fight our way down the hill while I try to figure out how to get in and shut the confounded thing off without it running away. In the end, it ends up wrecked in a mudpile at the bottom of the hill, and I am as beaten up as the car is.

An officer of the law arrives. This is the man you don't want on your case. He immediately assumes I've stolen the car, taken it out for a joyride or whatever, and wrecked it. I try to explain, but to my incredulity he interrupts me and proceeds to continually abuse me all the way back home (I'm not sure how I get there).

Back at home, the officer is still there, telling me how he'll send me up for grand theft auto, and how I'll be repaid for my evil with a permanent criminal record for the rest of my life, and I'll never pay of the remunerations. Not only will he not listen to me, he forces me to listen to his wisecracks and dumb jokes at my expense. Finally, I can only take so much--I am in emotional distress and ready to burst. Utterly out of control, I slam this officer against the wall, notice how short he is, and scream a long ranting protest of innocence at him. Rather than gunning me down or something, he smiles wryly and tells me to just wait until I get the tickets (wait a minute, they have tickets for grand theft?). I suddenly realize that he isn't arresting me, and has no Constitutional authority in my home, so I tell him, "Then get the hell out of my house!" Boy that felt good, to vent.

But the worst isn't over. (Keep in mind this is 100% real to me--I was just a good Samaritan and now I'm going to be publicly exposed as a felon for it.)

I go to my mom, who is the only one home right now, for sympathy. I get none. First I find out that I wasn't supposed to be running in the first place--I apparently didn't tell mom I was going out and was evading work. Oops! Then, I find out that she has no confidence in my innocence at all, and believes the cop completely!

After two and half hours of this neurotic dream, I woke up to complete and instant relief.