The African Grey is a parrot who is just that: from Africa and primarily grey.
It is usually a darker grey on its head, back and wings, and lighter elsewhere,
with a short, scarlet tail.
African greys come in three main varieties, the Congo African Grey (CAG),
the Western African Grey (WAG), and the Timneh African Grey (TAG), the main differences
between them being that the Timneh has a maroon tail and a red-tinged beak,
and the Western is a smaller version of the Congo, both of which have tails brighter red
than the Timneh.
African Greys are known as the best talkers of the birds, and are estimated to have
the intelligence of a 5-year-old human.
The most famous Grey is Alex, who has appeared in numerous documentaries with
his trainer, Dr. Irene Pepperberg.