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Howdy, I'm a computer programmer in Texas! Programming is actually just what I've been doing for the last 5 years or so. It wasn't a conscious career choice, I just kind of fell into it, like all of my previous jobs.

Here's a list if you're interested:

Fast Food Worker
Flower Delivery Man
Security Guard
Book Store Manager
Black Jack Dealer
Computer Programmer

I read a lot of books, mainly history and science fiction. I'm that guy you see in the corner of the restaurant, eating his fettuccine alfredo while reading a history of foreign policy in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. You see me and you're thinking, "Wow, what a loser." Meanwhile, I'm thinking, "If only the Hapsburgs had been more conciliatory in their dealings with Russia . . ."

I accidentally contributed to the burning down of a Burger King in my youth. My current co-workers find this story extremely humorous, hence the nick -- bkburner.