Unlike most other technology, cellular phones are a more common sight outside of the United States than inside. This is because we Americans already have extensive, cheap land lines that go everywhere, and greedy cell phone service providers like MCI and AT&T. Even the best American cell phone deal is worse than what you'd get in, say, Finland or Israel, where the cost per minute is comprable to POTS. In countries with really poor telephone infastructures, such as Brazil, the cell phone is the most reliable way to communicate.

Also, the data on cancer is still inconclusive. There are some studies that show it occurs, and other that show it doesn't. One way to avoid it is to wear the cell phone clipped to your belt, and use a connected headset to hold your conversations. When you do it in public, this has the added bonus of making you look like a schizophrenic having an imaginary conversation.

It is also a very good idea, when you want to talk on the phone in the car, to use a hands-free device that essentially turns your cell phone into a speakerphone. In many countries, this is mandatory.