A collection of animated short films that are too offensive to be placed in the more family-oriented Spike and Mike's Festival of Animation. Where SAMFOA comes once a year, the Sick and Twisted festival is more sporadic, showing up about once every two years or so. In my experience, it has always been shown as a Midnight Movie, and never in a Multiplex (of course).

The line between 'Sick and Twisted' and 'Family' is a little hazy, and sometimes a short will make it into both festivals. This year, Aardman Entertainment's Angry Kid got shown in both. Additionally, I was surprised to see the relatively tame For the Birds, a slick CG animated short done by Disney contractar Pixar, get included in the sick and twisted but not in the family show (maybe bird nudity doesn't play well in Rockford).

If you go to a showings, don't be surprised to see nudity (both male and female), explicit sex, graphic scatalogical humor, gore, nihilism, and worse. One of the classics that got rerun this year was a short called Sloach's Fun House, that shows clamation characters taking very realistic shits and playing with it.