It struck me as the first American Jackie Chan movie that was really like his Hong Kong fare: Basically a thin plot created for the purpose of giving Chan a chance to do some cool new stunts in a new setting, in this case a montage of familiar old west settings. This included how most of the American Indians were portrayed by obviously white actors. (It reminded me of Rumble in the Bronx, in which British and Australian expatriates in Hong Kong were rounded up to play New Yorkers.)

Another Chan hallmark was the fact that the actor has two love interests that seem to have no problem with infidelity...what surprised me was that this situation was actually resolved at the end, a departure from his earlier formulas.

I liked Shanghai Noon, but I think Chan is starting to show his age. A lot of the movie was devoted to dialogue and camaderie, and had me itching for more fighting action. And when Chan did fight, he seemed a little slower and more gimmick-oriented, outside of the excellent bar fight scene. Also, there is almost no arial stuntwork, aside from a long jump in the beginning, and jumping onto his horse, which even Owen Wilson's stunt double was able to do.