A CIA project that was authorized in 1953 to determine the effectiveness of certain psychoactives in mind control and interrogation. The director of the project was Dr. Sidney Gottlieb.

Gottlieb was most interested in the drug LSD. He believed that it didn't have as much worth as an interrogation aid as it did in the strategic humiliation of an undesirable. In the first round of tests of the drug, CIA agents would secretly dose each other, then record the effects.

Unsatisfied with an unscientific in-house test, MK-ULTRA took their drug to the street in Operation Midnight Climax. Working in co-operation with narcotics officers, they set up a wired bordello filled with drug-addicted prostitutes, and monitored the actions of unwitting Johns who were secretly dosed with Acid.

It sounds hard to believe, but all of this is a matter of public record. In 1973, Gottlieb ordered all of the documents related to MK-ULTRA to be shredded. However, he missed a few, and there was still enough left over to cause a small scandal in 1977, when the Senate held a hearing on the project. You can check them out today at Parascope: http://www.parascope.com