1. Get a credit card that gives you something when you buy stuff with it, like frequent flyer miles. I'd recommend the Discover Card, which gives cash back, but the problem is that not many places outside North America take Discover. Visa is better. DON'T get something stupid, like a Yahoo! card. What rewards does that give?

2. Get a job that makes you travel a lot.

3. When they send you off somewhere, pay for everything you get on your credit card.

4. Submit an expense report as soon as you get back.

5. When you get compensated, put the check into a savings account.

6. As soon as you get your credit card bill about a month later, pay the full balance.

You get to keep the airline miles, as well as the bit of interest you got on that expense check, and you're not out any cash. Plus, this gives you excellent credit, which your parents will like. Plus, if you travel enough, your regular airline miles plus the ones you racked up on your card will allow you to fly anywhere you want for free.