A popular tourist attraction in Wisconsin. Think Hearst Castle crossed with Pee Wee's Playhouse.

The House on the Rock used to belong to some dead eccentric millionaire guy who collected a lot of weird stuff, and when I say 'A lot of weird stuff', I mean 'A warehouse full of stuff that's so odd it might give you nightmares'. You've heard of player pianos, right? Well, at the House on the Rock, they've got about 8 different player chamber orchestras, with mechanical violins, horns, drums, clarinets, sax, etc., all from the turn of the century.

They've got a big brass generator that used to be inside a boat.

They've got a life-size model of a sperm whale. Indoors.

They've got an antique (but everything there is an antique) merry-go-round. Indoors.

They've got an addition designed by Frank Lloyd Wright that projects out from the rock. You can walk out to the end and look straight down 150 feet into the forest.

Basically, whatever you fear, be it monsters, machines, clowns, heights, or tight spaces, the House on the Rock has got it all for you.