Another dream I remember....this usually happens when I get sick.

I am playing frisbee golf on a course that I don't know very well. It's in a relatively lush wooded area, not like my present home in Southern Califormina, but more like a nice suburb in Washington state.One of my discs flies into a kind of drainage pipe, and a passing player tells me that I have to follow it into the pipe.

I get in the pipe, rescue my disc, then follow the pipe down, Half-Life-style, until it empties into a small pool at a nice house on a steep hillside. A kid in the pool tells me that the basket I need to get my frisbee into is at the top of another hill that he points out.

The top of the hill is about 300 feet away, and the basket is slightly obstructed by trees. I select my driver, and throw it as hard as I can, but I release too soon at too sharp an angle, and my disc embeds itself in the opposite hillside.

I climb down the hill from the nice house, but the other hillside is too steep and too overgrown to make a direct trip up to retrieve my disc. At the bottom of the valley between the two hills, there is a small path, and I notice a sign that directs me to follow the path around the second hill to further holes. I follow the path around to find some expert players throwing their discs at distant baskets in three holes, side by side. The holes are on top of wide, grassy lanes that look like ski slopes that have been converted for the summer.

When everyone is finished throwing, I walk up one slope to the top of the hill, then carefully climb down to look for where my disc landed. As is standard in frisbee golf, a couple of the other people climb down to help me look. No one finds the disc I threw, but I find, embedded into the soft dirt of the hillside, several lost discs that other people threw and abandoned. A couple of the 'discs' are actually soft blue rectangles, and I am informed by one of the other players that these are the best kind.

I thank the other players for helping me look, and I give them a couple of the frisbees I found.