A disabling condition that has existed throughout history, but has unfortunately become more prevalent in the 20th Century. Although corporate managers and government workers are at a higher risk than the general populace, the sad truth is that it can strike anyone at any time.

Cranial Rectosis occurs when the brain is no longer required to process as many thoughts as it usually does. When this happens, the lack of brain activity causes the skull's core temperature to drop, which can cause cell damage and nerve degeneration. As a response, the body slowly curls up to keep heat from escaping. In advanced stages of the disease, the skull is inserted fully into the subject's own anus, where it is kept at a working temperature by the surrounding body heat. The unfortunate side effect is that victims of this disease are rendered blind to the world around them, and functionally deaf when any attempt is made to get through to them.

Cranial Rectosis can be prevented by keeping the brain on a regular exercise regime by feeding it a steady supply of fresh ideas in the form of books, music, and other regular diversions. Make sure that you do not take in too many ideas from a single source at the expense of others, as this can cause vital parts of the organ to become malnourished and atrophied.

Unfortunately, although Cranial Rectosis is preventable and can be treated, the disease still remains a taboo subject in our "modern" society. Despite the obvious nature of the conition, those stricken the worst by this disease will refuse to admit to themselves or others that they have it. A typical CR sufferer can expect to go through life being ridiculed by his or her peers, and even by others who suffer from the same condition. Many CR victims who are offered free treatment will spurn it, seemingly preferring to go through life with their heads up their asses than to admit that they have a problem. If you or a loved one suffers from this horrible affliction, seek help today, in your local library, music store, or on the internet. DO NOT try to solve this problem using the television, as it only aggravates the condition.