Latin name: Pyxicepholus Adespersus

This is a very large frog native to the rivers and streams of sub-Saharan Africa (duh), but you can usually see one at the zoo, because they look funny; In most exhibits I have seen of the frog, you see it sitting contentedly in its round water dish, conforming perfectly to the shape. The frog is dark green, and has large bumps on its back. It has very strong legs that it uses to dig holes in the mud to keep itself cool and hide from predators

The frog has a strict diet, and will only eat those foods that can fit in its mouth. In the zoo, they are usually fed crickets, earthworms, goldfish, and small mice. Don't try to pick one up, since they have teeth, and can draw blood with their bite. Adult bullfrogs are more aggressive.

Although they look cool, African Bullfrogs don't make good pets because of their aggressiveness, combined with the fact that they need a lot of attention to keep healthy. When they are properly cared for, however, they can live up to 40 years, and maybe more.

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