What I want to say to her:

All my friends are gone already. No. Just not where I can contact them; they're off with their other friends. No. I'm never included in the fun. I'm there for their convienance, and when they don't need me, they forget about me. They'll never know how much I actually need them. Why? Well. That's simple. They never ask. During the week they always talk to me. Assume my life is perfect. I always smile for them. They tell me their troubles and I gladly fix them to the best of my abilities. But then on the weekends they always disappear. They run off with who knows, doing who knows what. Asking if I can join them is rude, under any circumstances. They should know I want to go with them. They should know that even though I'm going to be there for them, they need to be there for me too. But how am I supposed to tell them?

I sympathize with the ears. They're two of the most important things on your body. But you never really care about them. I've explained all this to many of my friends. But they never seem to understand. They never hear my cries for help and they never ask. I've actually lowered my expectations of a good friend to some one who seems genuinely interested in how my day has been. Despite that, there are only four people I consider good friends. And I cherish them. When I am fortunate enough to talk to them, which isn't often, all my problems seem to vanish. I am happy. But they live, 200, 400, 800, and 12,000 miles away. But I consider them to be my best friends, despite the distance, and I try to get closer to them everyday.


You act sad. And don't hide it at all. Deep down, I know you want to be happy. I am just like you in a way. No real friends who seem to care entirely too much. The only ones that care for you torn apart by distance... Why hide when there is fun to be had? We live two miles from eachother. And we get along just fine. Come. Have fun with me. Even if you're afraid of what might happen next. I promise I won't hurt you like those other guys did.

What I say to her:

Dude. Midget pr0n rocks. I never expected some one that small could fit something that big through that oriface.