Marketing campaign by the University of Maryland at College Park to "Act like you know we're Champions." The campaign was designed to prevent students from rioting after major sporting events as was done at least four times in the previous two years. The most recent and so far most destructive of which happened after the NCAA Final Four tournament which the Maryland Terrapins won in Spring 2002. That riot resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages to the neighboring community and to the University (but landed a story on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart... well worth it in my opinion). The "Act Like You Know" campaign has come under fire recently as a complete waste of money in a recent budget crisis. The campaign took $30,000 out of the total budget of a couple hundred million dollars (if not more).

The "Act Like You Know" campaign became a focal point from which students and staff complained about the many problems the University has thus far decided not to deal with, and has spawned mock sites, the most popular of which is