For some reason, we were doing experiments on the human brain. Who "we" was, I haven't the first clue; I couldn't see anyone else's face, but I knew that there were others.

This experimentation involved cutting out big pieces of skull, and placing electrodes on the brain's surface.

So Jason (one of my housemates) was one of the people we were experimenting on, and he had a HUGE chunk of the left side of his skull chopped out. (a roughly rectangular piece, from just behind and above his ear, almost to the edge of his hairline.)

Well, when we were done probing around his brain, for some reason he didn't really want to get the piece put back in; he thought that it was perfectly alright to just leave it off!

Eventually, we convinced him that it needed to go back in, and he agreed.

However, the hole in his head had been stretched and warped, so we had to squeeze and pull at his skull to fit the piece back in. Once it was in place, we taped it up with scotch tape, and were about to start putting in sutures

... and then I woke up