Sometimes, when I get really bored at work and need some excitement, i like to pretend I'm a sex goddess.

Suddenly, my eyes get bigger, my breasts get bigger, my hair is, for once in my life, under control, my lips are...lippier. I walk to the photocopier like it's a lover waiting in darkness. I meet the eyes of every man that passes like he will melt in my hands, like he already has. A smile plays on the edges of my lips, gradually moving to my eyes where it becomes a mischevious glimmer. You know, one of those butter-melting model looks that turn men to jelly. Yeah, that's right, I can do it too! Not well, mind you; I probably look more like an angry squirrel when I do it, but as long as I don't know it it's not true.

The papers in my hand become light with my newfound strength. I don't even care about the million things I can't do waiting to pounce on me when I get back to my desk - I am a sex goddess and somehow, things will work themselves out. My natural charm will get me through.

I drink tropical juice and feel it oozing from my skin. I walk like I know where I'm going, and for those precious moments, I actually do. I don't fumble my words when I'm trying to be smooth and witty. I possess eloquence like a burning building and breasts to match. I am Aphrodite rising from the foam. I am lust personified. Every eye turns to me when I enter a room and I like it! Lovely, everything is lovely and luscious and exciting. Suddenly the world is filled with anticipation and energy! Everybody wants me! Everybody! Weeeeeeeeee! Sexual power is fun! Even if you only pretend to have it!

Ok, calm down. The point is, if you walk like a sex goddess, you may just turn into one. Well, for a little while, anyway.