Ok, so I'm here, finally at University in a big scary city with big scary classes. And I love it. Fun. Laughing. Strange feelings of being constantly surrounded by people yet always essentially alone. This is really no change from the way things normally are, but I guess it's just more apparent here.

This is the first time I've been online in a week. I have no internet access yet (I am presently at a library being stared at by middle-aged Toronto men), and I just got my phone hooked up yesterday. Strange feelings of being cut off from civilization but essentially in tune.

Fuck, I love it here. I love my room. I love my roommate even though I thought I was going to get a single. I love my building even thought it's old and the bathrooms smell funny on Sundays. I love my new city and the fact that I am way the hell inside it, not stuck out in sububia listening to lawn mowers. I could do without the ambulances outside my window, but I guess I love them too.

I wish I could write more, but people are staring at me funny.

I need a break.