I ducked off the trail, legs burning, needing a rest. I was all huffy-puffy after my trip through the forest, and entering the fields was like being born again.

A little path, leading nowhere. My favorite kind. I ditched my bike and walked for a bit into the corn field, feeling the sun on the back of my head. I kept going until I was hidden, until I could lie, sprawled on the hard dry dirt, mouth open and breathing like a fool. People could have sex out here and fit in completely.

I felt the insects crawl over my legs, under my arms, around my feet - I didn't care. When I heard the birds sqwawking as they flew by it startled me, reminding me of my adventure less than an hour earlier when I ended up sprinting from a flock of angry sparrows after I invaded their territory. I was only trying to get a picture....they were ruthless! As I fled the scene I even thought of changing my user name, but then smiled as I considered what I would do if someone big and clunky invaded my territory. Silly little devils. :)

Back to the corn. I sat up and traced my name in the dirt. There. At least I still exist somewhere. I watched a group of ants dismantle a fallen chunk of something bready - they strained under the weight but kept going, even stopping to help each other over pebbles and leaves. Slow. Beautiful. A tiny poem.

I was just thinking of peeling off my shirt when a big shiny clunking truck burst over the hill in front of me. I froze - a deer in the headlights. Would they shoot me? Pull out a rifle and pick me off like a squirrel? Leave my body for the corn weevils? Now I know how those birds felt when I stumbled upon them. Invaded. Irrational.

I jumped on my bike and flew out of there. I don't think they even noticed me, or if they did, even cared. My heart thumped, making me giggle despite my fear. An adventure.