What can I say? When I hear a good foreign accent, especially British or Australian, I can't help turning into an incoherent pile of goo. It must have something to do with my Scottish roots, or boredom, or just plain curiosity.

I walked into a music store today looking for some good old fashioned British music, and instantly made eye contact with a guy working there. He had curly hair and crazy pants - my curiosity was peaked. Next thing I know, he's helping me find some obscure artsy techno, and he opens his mouth and what pops out? Yup, you guessed it! The single most attractive English accent I have ever heard. I bought the CD right away, smiled at him a lot, left, and immediately made plans to stalk him obsessively.

I remember, once, putting on a fake english accent and strolling around Ottawa for fun. I felt so goddamn sexy. I really did. Well, except when I was finally caught in my own web of lies...but hey, it happens.

I've noticed, too, that whenever I take a trip to a foreign country, even just down to the States, people seem to find me more interesting simply because I'm from another country. Why is this? Are we so in need of a change of perspective that we jump all over anything new that walks into our country? This probably isn't a good thing, although I do enjoy being the centre of attention every once in a while!