I think we've all experienced a few of those rare moments that are so utterly beautiful they bring you to tears. At least, I like to think so, anyway. I could digress into a long rant speculating on the human condition, but that's not what anyone wants to read. It's always been my opinion that we'd rather cry than read. Or do both at the same time. Tears on a page, my friend. That is definitely where the party's at. So, my little dreamers, type away. Here are a few moments in my own life that are now burned into my memory.

Walking through a field at 6am, watching the first slant of morning light fall across the greenness in front of me.

Jumping into my bed after winter camping for three days, feeling the warmth coursing through my body and caring about nothing else.

Listening to "Joga," by Bjork, for the very first time.

Singing "Oh Canada" with almost a hundred drunken fellow Canadians on a crowded bus in Ottawa.

Waiting for a bus at 2am, watching a leaf being blown in circles through the dead-quiet street.

Finally realizing that I am interesting.