Stupid stupid stupid. I seem to have successfully turned the strange urge I had to throw the phone out the window today into the strange urge to respond to the advances of one of my least favorite people in the world. It wouldn't be the first time. I'm good at the whole burning hatred/ fiery passion switchover.

But tonight was different. More anger. The guy I've been seeing with the mad-scientist curly hair like mine ran away when I tried to kiss him and hasn't called in four days. And after a nice round of snuggling, too. I can't deal with another repressed introvert just waiting to be discovered. I'm sick of it. In my opinion, shyness is just a cowardly excuse for attention. Sorry. I didn't mean that. It's the anger talking. And the rum.

So tonight was my way of getting back at the mad scientist. I hope he saw me. And I hope it hurt. Because I'm fragile too, dammit, and I don't need another confused plea for affection veiled behind a cold, "misunderstood" surface. What I really need is a good round of lego and a hot bath.