Allen Ginsberg was a very wise man.

Sometimes I wish I could throw off the rules like a warm button-up cardigan, but I never wore them like that.

Sometimes I wish I could follow through with my ideas without the details, the questions, the baffled looks. If they could trust me I would show them something wonderful.

Every time I take a step in the right direction, or the wrong direction, or any direction at all, I can feel the breath of millions of people on my neck. I want my space. I want my space. And I don't want to have to push anyone away to get it. This is the hardest part of all.

People tell me that I will have to get used the the machinery of society. Someday, it will catch up with me. I disagree. This so-called machinery of society is just people, like you and me. You throw away a candy bar wrapper, and all you see is a garbage can. Maybe a truck picking up bags on suburban lawns comes to mind. But it all comes down to some guy in a pair of gloves picking up that bag with the candy bar wrapper in it, maybe thinking about his wife or his girlfriend or the rotting salad in his fridge. And I'm almost positive he hates the rules as much as I do.

Maybe I'm wrong, and someday I'll do everything right, and wonder why I tried so hard. Maybe I'm naive. I never said I could change things, I just want to take a good look around.

America get off your fucking power trip, everyone knows you're just as confused as anyone else.

America stop pushing I know what I'm doing.