For me, Wednesday has never been quite a day in itself, more like an excuse to summon up the will to make it through to the weekend. This particular Wednesday was no different, except that it seemed to apply to my life in the larger sense. I caught myself examining the frail lines running down my fingers that had been exposed by the harsh light of the office, wondering where they had come from. I guess this should not have been a surprise to me. The immortality of youth has to end sometime, doesn't it? Or doesn't. A thought occured to me, there, in that office on that particular Wednesday. I was positively glowing with excitement. The thought was this: what if I gave up aging? I mean, it wasn't working out the way I thought it would, so why not drop it like a bad habit? Under the harsh light, I studied the wrinkles in my hand for one final time, and then decided that I was up to the challenge of eternal youth. I was going to be immature until the day I dropped dead, dammit! At that very instant I packed up my briefcase and went to buy some ice cream - but not just any ice cream - no, the really expensive kind of ice cream that has an orgasmic dance party in your mouth when you least expect it. God, was that ice cream ever good. I told myself at that moment that I would never waste another Wednesday in quiet anticipation.