After coming to Boston last week I am quite depressed about what has happened. In most NORMAL cases I would thing that finding an apartment would be an easy thing to do. In this great city things are quite different. When I get a place here is what I have to do: Come up with 4 months rent before I get to move in! 4 Months. Where does all this come from. Well you have to pay: First Months Rent, Last Months Rent, Security Deposit (One Months Rent), and a Finders Fee!

The finding fee is to pay the people who find you the apartment because all of the landlords give their listings to certain firms. What the hell is that?!? So I have to pay some company to find me a place because on my own I

  1. Only find Scummy Places or
  2. Am looking at $5000/mo places.
Now I know I am in a better position than those in the Valley but this is completely WRONG! Not to mention the huge demand in Brighton where I plan to live. I would think the landlord would pay a firm to find tenants. THIS IS DRIVING ME NUTS. I have to take a loan just to even get the keys. What is this nation coming to? I love this city.